Pioneer Strategist Speaker

Did you know that the most important person you’ll ever lead is yourself? And, the most difficult leadership challenge you’ll ever have is leading yourself!  

I help executives and teams identify the self-created barriers that hold them back and inspire them to take BOLD ACTION so they can achieve breakthrough results.  

I know it can be a real challenge to keep all the balls in the air and still find the time and resources to improve yourself.  

But, those who are able to carve out some time and focus on LEADING themselves are able to overcome even the most difficult of circumstances, navigate change, increase resiliency, handle the responsibility that comes with influence, improve negotiation skills, and much more.  

As a Founding Partner of the John Maxwell Team, former US Army officer, owner of several small businesses, non-profit and community leader, and military spouse, I bring a unique perspective of leadership strategy that enables my clients to accelerate their performance at any stage of their career.  

If you’re looking to sharpen your leadership skills so you can guide your business to greater success, please click on the button below.

When you improve yourself, you’ll lead your team to success!